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FeedBox is a Digital Marketing and Business Development Company based in Indore. It was started by students of IET-DAVV College by the then students. It is a pioneer in Social Media Management, Lead Generation, Graphic Designing and Website Development works. It is successfully serving numerous clients across India, Dubai, Canada and the UK. FeedBox is dedicated towards all its task and works on the tagline that says

"We can Skyrocket your Business", and has proved this with its work.


We Can Skyrocket your business

If you are an Educational Institute, Food Joint owner, a Startup, Celebrity, or any Business owner. You are definitely at the right place. Ranging from Media Marketing Services that Includes Graphics, Posts, Content and Videos to query generation through SMS, Whatsapp, E-mail, Customer Targeting etc, We can really help you skyrocket your business with guaranteed business growth within 2-3 Months.

We can Manage your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, GMB, LinkedIn, Quora, etc on your behalf and help your generate income from each of them as well. If you dont have a website or App that your business needs, we can also help you develop one with the best possible quality and responsiveness as well.

At present, we are managing Large Public Events, Celebrity Media Handles, Business accounts of reputed businesses and firms on a regular basis and helping them generate leads and gain a better customer response. Our clients base consists of, but not limited to Cafes, Artist Managers, Coaching Institutes, Celebrities, IT Companies, Interior Designers, Architects, Construction Firms, Cloth Showrooms, Bio Fuel company, and many more.

You can find all of our services below, and check what exactly you need?

Target All The Right Customers

Why reach the masses, when we can reach our exact target customer? There can be many ways to reach your right customers, and come out of the traditional marketing phase. We can come over to you anytime and discuss the perfect strategy for you.

Analyze & Increase Traffic and Conversions

In this Technology Driven era where we are supported by a number of softwares and platforms to increase engagements, they must surely be used. We can help you in every manner possible

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